Monday, June 9, 2014

Fighting to Forgive (Fighting #2) by J.B. Salsbury

I thought I loved Blake in book one but I really fell head over heels in this one. Funny the man who claimed he'd never get in a relationship let alone one with child surprised me. I think his relationship was exactly what he needed in order to let go of the pain his father threw on his shoulders. To make him think that because he had this beautiful gift that he wasn't man. So happy that with Paula by his side he fully embraced it. That with Elle he was able to the father he never had growing up. I was amazed that her baggage only made him love her more and that in turn healed them both in the process. With the loves story came the people who wanted them apart or ruin their careers out of pure hatred. This installment was even better than the first. I also have to reiterate the fact that I love and absolutely adore Blake Daniels and if its. all possible him being a father in a committed relationship makes me love him even more and makes him a thousand times hotter. Especially with that voice and a guitar in his hand.

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