Monday, February 24, 2014

Review - Mitigation (Legal Affairs, #4) by Sawyer Bennett

Matt showed and gave Mac the comfort she needed after a tragic event. Though when she went home things were the same although things did change in a big way. She could no longer go in that way. She gave him an ultimatum which after awhile he admitted being alone was worse than possibly getting his heartbroken again. I'm so glad that Matt found the light he is such an amazing man and who has a sensitive side and I think will make an excellent boyfriend for Mac. So now I look forward to their official date and wherever that may lead them down the road.

Review - Weak for Him (Weakness #1) by Lyra Parish

Not a typical start to a love story but it was very entertaining. Moving to Las Vegas to start a career at a accounting firm a few mishaps and that opportunity is gone but Finley Felton presents her with another job opportunity which is as far from accounting as you can get. He pushes her and she pushes her right back. Though getting to close isn't permitted him being the boss and Jennifer the employee. Throw in an equally attractive fun brother (Luketon Brand) and things get really interesting. Based on the way they live their lives who knew that they would make such a perfect fit for each other. Jennifer was able to fill the hole that was left by a tragedy and Jennifer finally got the love she deserves. I'm curious as to where the characters go from here and what role will Luke play in that. I kinda miss Lori (Jennifer's confidant in the mad house). I look forward to the next installment.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Review - Betrayal (Passion, #1) by P.A. Jones

A chance meeting between Emma and Gavin and one hot moment afterward seemed to make quite the impression because a year later there's another chance meeting it seems only their feeling for each other has grown. Emma has a dark secret that prevents her from giving herself fully to Gavin but a talk from her family gives her just the encouragement she needs to move forward. She tells Gavin her secret nothing if not understanding. Though it seems that Gavin may be hiding a very important secret(s) of his own. After a blissful night together and with a knock on the door we find exactly what those secrets are. It seems to me that Emma may have been innocent but she was a little naive as well. In this day and age who doesn't at least Google their potential date? I feel like she would have learn his secrets with a few mouse clicks anyway I'm interested in seeing if Gavin can get Emma to forgive him and if we'll ever find out why Adam left Emmma's sister at the altar a moment her sister still hasn't been able to shake.

Review - Lover Mine (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #8) by J.R. Ward

I have to say this may be my favorite book in the series. In the story we learn that Xhex, John Matthew (Darius), and Tohrture had/has a close tie with each other. A tie only one remembers having. Lash got his final reward though I don't think we've seen the last of him. Xhex and John mated after they made themselves emotionally vulnerable. Tohr stood for John and Xhex had her mom stood up for her (wasn't that a shocker?) It was nice seeing Xhex getting back to her old self. Though with a few improvements she was the same kick butt take no crap sympath/vampire she has always been. It seems that Tohr is finally on the way to healing the pain of losing his shellan is still there but he is no longer wallowing. Him and John (for reasons we found out) are once again close. It seems that their closeness was always meant to happen though now the roles are reversed. I wonder if eventually John will finally realize who he is? V is reunited with his sister Payne whom he thought had died. Blay and Qhuinn finally let each other go. The next installment should be just as interesting as a lover who was once thought dead may still be alive.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Review - Lover Avenged (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #7) by J.R. Ward

So many twists and turns in this installment and some very interesting developments. Wrath was forced to take in the world from a different view. Things become Physical for Xhex and John Matthew though instead of bringing them closer it made them basically strangers to each other. One best friend still pining for the other. An all things consider bad guy (Rehvenge)found love. Though considering how he choose to live his life he felt he wasn't deserving of it. If I learned anything from this series you have no control over who you bond with. You can only give in or walk away and walking away is a fate worse than death. The son of the omega was revealed to hoi mortal enemy. I wondering how things will play with those two now that a woman stands between the two. With the help of his woman Ehlena he ascended a role he never would accepted but in the end it was the right thing to do. Tohr finally return home and into the fight with help from an unlikely source. I enjoy the father son dynamic between him and John I would hate if that was lost because he was grieving for his mate. The war is going stronger than ever and with the son of the omega in the mix anything and everything could happen.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

100 Books to Read in a Lifetime: Readers' Picks

I think I've read about a third of these and some I never thought to read but it looks like between must read and recreational I'll began reading a few.

The Amazon books editors got together and chose 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime. We want to know what books you would choose. Add titles below, and vote on the titles added by fellow readers. 

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Review - Violation (Legal Affairs #3) by Sawyer Bennett

Mac and Matt seem to have gotten into a normal routine. Though Matt still claims all they will ever have will remain physical. Too many variables shows that he wants something much more but due to traumatic experiences he doesn't want to admit that he's falling for Mac. Though when a medical emergency arrives Matt drops everything to be by her side. That looks like man who wants something more if I ever saw him.

Review - Stipulation (Legal Affairs #2) by Sawyer Bennett

Watching Matt work has only heightened Mac's attraction to him, which makes keeping things both professional and private even more difficult. Mac can no longer take the push and pull and decides to end things. How long can be that close together before the lines get blurred. Why is Matt only willing to admit his jealousy but not the real feelings he has for her. With Mac walking away its only a matter of time before the truth comes out and real feelings are revealed.

Review - Objection (Legal Affairs #1) by Sawyer Bennett

Falling in love with your one night stand happens to plenty of people but to find out during the week that your one night just became your boss doesn't Trying to fight a growing attraction while trying maintain a professional relationship hasn't been easy. Especially when your sorta boss always wants to dig her claws into the guy. I admire Mac's strength and keeping Matt on his toes. As 'irresistible' as he is she manages to surprise him with her resolve to keep their relationship as is, even though its a total lie.

Review - Juniper's Princess (Angel Crest, #1) by Chelsea O'Neal

The beginning started out a bit confusing but the first person encounters in the chapters cleared plenty of the confusing and also made me enjoy the story that much more. Though I'm still not sure if I know who does what and who needs who but the story was entertaining. Daniah was finally told the truth about what she was and why her dreams were confusing. I hope to find out where she goes from here. Leaving the life she's ever known to the life that is ultimately her destiny.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Review - Perfectly Flawed by Emily Jane Trent

I'm so in love and inspired by this story. In Adrianna's short life she lived through a tragedy no one she have to go through. Life gives us chances and its up to us to take them. Sean was one of those chances for Adrianna. Sometimes you meet someone and you know that that person is meant to be in your life forever, though the reality of it is that much more scarier and stronger. Good thing Sean is stubborn because he had plenty of chances to walk away completely, blame it on his Irish heritage. Sean gave her his strength when she lacked her own. Through Sean's love she was able to break down the barriers and secrets that kept her from letting anyone get too close. Adrianna never knew love could be this way: nurturing, comforting, and safe as opposed to her overbearing upbringing. Her parents were more concerned with appearances than actually loving their daughter who was forced to be even more self destructive after a traumatic event. I relate to Adrianna and I admire her as well. We both went down a destructive path to cover up an emotional pain with a physical. I have no doubt that without Sean, Adrianna would've become a shell of herself. All it took was the kindness, love, and protection of a good man to let Adrianna know flaws in all she is worth loving (herself) and being loved.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Review - Lover Enshrined (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #6) by J.R. Ward

Just when I thought the scribe virgin couldn't surprise me anymore she does. Even more to the point who knew that Omega possessed the same power of creation as his sister. Though the way he did so was despicable. That didn't surprise me in the least what did surprise me was who his offspring was, which looking back explains plenty. Finally Phury was able to face his demons and even find love in the process. With the help of Cormia and his brothers I have no doubt that he will forever kick his habit. A lot things are changing I think for the better. A new child was welcomed in the brotherhood and mom and baby is happy and healthy. John, Blay, and Qhuinn have become assets in the war and will someday I think make great members of brotherhood. Which is great timing since another brother was relieved of duty. With things up in the air the way it is now it will take some time for there to be order restored and with that there will be chaos. I believe the king's work is just getting started. All that power to take advantage of who will use it and who will use it for their personal gain?

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