Friday, October 17, 2014

Cooper (Corps Security, #4) by Harper Sloan

Not the Cooper I thought this book would be about when this series started. Though we get the older brother Asher who is just as gorgeous and just as haunted by his past. He basically raised Cool when they were cursed to have a mom who thought them nothing short of worthless. Coop was set in his ways in the ways of woman. With a mom like he had he figure all women were the same and vowed to never to give his heart to a woman. How I wish Coop could see the child that's coming into this world and see just how much love he has to offer. Now the child will always know what an amazing man their dad was. The child will never know what its like to go without love. Finally his brother has found love with a great woman and hopefully somewhere his brother is somewhere smiling at that.

Leah's Seduction 5 (Gianni and Leah) by Emily Jane Trent

Finally a breakthrough of sorts. The more time they spend together Gianni is stubborn to admit that there is more to their relationship than just being sexual. Leah is opening up feelings he never thought he'd feel or deserved but by him finally opening up about the locked room their is a strong shift in their relationship. Truth has a way changing things and feelings and Gianni is trying to grasp these new found feelings. The plan for his enemies is finally coming into fruition. Which shows why he is the successful businessman he is today. It feels like toward the end that Gianni is wants to come to grips with these new feelings that he has for Leah, but refuses to give in to them. Even though in their sexual relationship she is the submissive and he is the dominant, it would seem that in the battle of hearts she is the dominant and he will have no choice sooner rather than later to just submit.

Leah's Seduction: 4 (Gianni and Leah) by Emily Jane Trent

This maybe my favorite book in the series. Gianni continues to deny his growing feelings for Leah but he continues to read the journal and open up Leah sexually. Leah is more sure than ever that she loves him and doesn't hide her feelings but she is hurt despite his actions and the way he cares for her that he still denies that he is in love with her. We get an even closer look into the mind of Gianni the business man the moves he made and the way be handles his enemies is absolute genius. At the end Leah is surprised by an invitation to spend Thanksgiving with his family. Why can't Gianni say he loves her when all his actions say otherwise? Maybe after Thanksgiving weekend we'll find out.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Status (Social Media, # 4) by J.A. Huss

Just trying wrap my head around a few things. Finding out about Grace/Daisy's past. Which was absolutely and totally messed up. The man who took her a sick and twisted man. The secret that Sam was hiding which compared to Grace is so insignificant. I wonder if her and Tray will work things out since something's were out of his control. Is something going on with Felicity and Conner am I imagining things? Through everything Vaughn has turned into the man of her dreams. He's loving attentive and supportive. Of course the love scenes have only gotten hotter. (Anyone else wanna float in Vaughn Asher river?) When she finally returns to her apartment nothing is like it was as Vaughn took charge as only he can. Which Grace finally accepts. Then the secret that she forgot, the thing that Vaughn hopes he's forgiven for is no longer a secret. Which causes her to spiral out of control and once again push Asher away. Nothing surprises her or me more than what was waiting for her on that roof. Book four was pivotal book in the series and things can only get better or worse from here.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Beck (Corps Security #3) by Harper Sloan

This series continues to gut me. The amount of pain that each has to go through is downright painful. We get a deep insight into Dee and Becks relationship. What may have seen like them playing games on the outside on the inside Dee was facing demons no one could have ever imagined and it was Beck who was there to pick up the pieces. Finally Dee laid everything bare to the people most closes to her: Greg, Izzy, and Beck. Once she was let go of the pain that she was holding inside she was finally able to love Beck like he deserved. That was not a easy feat. The years of pain that Dee went through and how she covered up with her happiness and a smile but only one saw through all of that Beck. The problem with her business is bigger than they anticipated and it also has some commonalities with a case the guys are working on. Sadly in the midst of everything a hero lost his life, which left everyone including me completely heartbroken. Despite the loss something amazing came out it. I look forward to seeing what exactly becomes of that surprise and the people that will be affected by it.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Cage (Corps Security #2) by Harper Sloan

These men have the biggest hearts. Underneath their tough exterior are men who wants love but are too broken to thing they deserve it. Cage and Melissa have heart break and loss in common. Unbeknownst to them. Together they have to learn that sometimes you can't save everyone and two broken halfs can make a whole. They both have years worth of regret but together they are able to pull. They go through so many things to make this relationship work: A secret, a crazed out ex, and unbearable guilt. Despite the unimaginable heartache they go through during the course of their relationship they were able to be the family, love, and strength they needed to heal and I couldn't be happier for the pair. Next its Beck and Dees stories finally we'll learn why she is so broken and how hard Beck is willing to fight for her or let her go.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Axel (Corps Security #1) by Harper Sloan

I love a man in uniform and if that man in uniform has big sensitive heart how can you resist him? In the first installment Axel is featured. Axel and Izzy love story is full of pain and mis-communication. They spent years apart thinking the other had given up on their love. This story was filled with so pain and hurt but most importantly second chances. Despite and Ex husband coming back to claim what he thought was his the couple to have a happy ending. Though the ride to that happy ending was bumpy. I look forward to the next installment with Cage. Haunted by the memory of his sister who was never able to save. Hopeful in his story he can find love and redemption.