Friday, October 17, 2014

Cooper (Corps Security, #4) by Harper Sloan

Not the Cooper I thought this book would be about when this series started. Though we get the older brother Asher who is just as gorgeous and just as haunted by his past. He basically raised Cool when they were cursed to have a mom who thought them nothing short of worthless. Coop was set in his ways in the ways of woman. With a mom like he had he figure all women were the same and vowed to never to give his heart to a woman. How I wish Coop could see the child that's coming into this world and see just how much love he has to offer. Now the child will always know what an amazing man their dad was. The child will never know what its like to go without love. Finally his brother has found love with a great woman and hopefully somewhere his brother is somewhere smiling at that.

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