Friday, October 10, 2014

Beck (Corps Security #3) by Harper Sloan

This series continues to gut me. The amount of pain that each has to go through is downright painful. We get a deep insight into Dee and Becks relationship. What may have seen like them playing games on the outside on the inside Dee was facing demons no one could have ever imagined and it was Beck who was there to pick up the pieces. Finally Dee laid everything bare to the people most closes to her: Greg, Izzy, and Beck. Once she was let go of the pain that she was holding inside she was finally able to love Beck like he deserved. That was not a easy feat. The years of pain that Dee went through and how she covered up with her happiness and a smile but only one saw through all of that Beck. The problem with her business is bigger than they anticipated and it also has some commonalities with a case the guys are working on. Sadly in the midst of everything a hero lost his life, which left everyone including me completely heartbroken. Despite the loss something amazing came out it. I look forward to seeing what exactly becomes of that surprise and the people that will be affected by it.

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