Wednesday, October 1, 2014

UNMASKED: Volume 3 (Unmasked #3) by Cassia Leo

It seems like forever since the last installment but it did not disappoint. Daimon both learn valuable lessons and found out what they were made off. Daimon displayed a softer side but was still the ruthless hitman we loved in the previous two books. We show that he longed for a family as much as Alex did. He also hoped for forgiveness for an unforgivable mistake. Alex finally realized who she could trust and let her guard down. All that's was left was to get revenge on those who hurt her and to thank those who showed her kindness. Parts of the book broke my heart but I knew that Daimon and Alex were stronger together than apart. Other parts I cheered as those who got punished did though they did prove they only killed when they needed too. Lots of action and most importantly we got closure with the truth. The chemistry between them was more profound than ever I guess getting rid of all the lies helped them tremendously.

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