Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Review - The King (Black Dagger Brotherhood #12) by J.R. Ward

Wrath son of Wrath was faced with a daunting mantle placed by his father. Though at first fighting his destiny he took to it like it was something he was born to do. The faith in his duties made even stronger by his Shellan Beth. Once she became pregnant his priorities shifted and he realizes what's important. In Beth he couldn't have chosen a better female. She fought with everything she had to save her husband's throne and succeeded. The human wedding was absolutely beautiful and was crying as much as Rhage. Though it was hilarious picturing Lass in a Elvis costume. A lot of chances in bringing the old laws into the new. No longer will it be monarchy but a democracy. The pressures that was placed on him will not be placed on his son. By given the choice to people he shaped his son's destiny into being whatever he wanted to be. Assail and Marisol created a bond that I hope that will be able to resume one day but her promises to but her criminal past away may get in the away of his ever growing criminal enterprise. Selena and Trez I so want things to workout for the pair. Though he told the truth about himself and his business I hope she can look pass that so they can create something beautiful. Xcor and Layla well that relationship is interesting and as disaster written all over it. I'll be curious to see what becomes it though I find myself rooting for the couple unlike Throe his second in command. Things seem to be a little tense between the two and I think things will only get worse. I'm excited to see what happens next in this series.

Review - Phenomenal X (Hard Knocks #1) by Michelle A. Valentine

I waited and waited for this book and it didn't disappoint. Xavier Cold meets Ana Cortez and right away the chemistry was off the charts. Ana was unlike the girls he usually runs into this girl not entirely immune to his charms actually told him no. Which from then on was basis of their friendship. Xavier currently on vacation decides to show Ana pieces of himself and lets her in something he has never done with another woman. A chance encounter in a hotel and their friendship is ruined as it had just turned physical. Everything is well as could be except for a co worker who can't seem to mind his business and has eyes for his girlfriend. Than the inevitable happens and I'm sitting anxiously awaiting the installment so i can have questions answered. Now that X finally admitted his love for Ana where will they go from there? After that moment in the ring is his career over? Still so much to know about his childhood and how it shaped him into the man that he is today. I'll be on the edge of seat to see what happens next.

Review - Nico (The Leaves #3) by J.B. Hartnett

One of those books you can't put down once you start reading. He started a beautiful broken man who for some reason has a calling to help in some small heal way heal broken women. (His broken birds) Hearing all those stories begin to eat away with him and he knew there was only one solution. Find a woman that takes his breath away and that he could love forever. Tired of going from woman to woman and drowning his sorrows in booze. In comes Lark from the moment he met her he knew she would be the one to save him. Who knew years before that chance encounter would shape the course of their lives. It was beautiful romantic story that touched my heart more than once. Lets you know that their are some real live angels walking this earth. No matter how many people told him that he was a good man he never believed it until he looked into the eyes of the once little that made the nightmares go away and made his dreams come true. Bringing everything in his life full circle.

Review - Used (Unlovable #1) by Lynetta Halat

Denver has lived in the shadow of her mother. Her mother with her endless string of boyfriends. One night she decides to take matters into her own hands. She decides to take away the the one thing that her mother's husband desire from her. Greer loves her more than anything and is willing to settle for a loveless (on her part) relationship. Over the years the relationship eats away at him. All he ever wanted was for her to give in to what she really feels and say she loves him but Denver will never say such words. She believes she is too good for him. What she doesn't realize she stole so much from him and it hurts him that she doesn't that  she is deserving  and capable of love. That she is nothing more than a slut when in reality she has only been with one man. Her best friend even before birth. She goes to college and is instantly attracted to Ransom. The chemistry between them is palpable. An event brings them together which alters the course of their relationship. What does the world hold for the couple after this I don't know. I hope that Greer can find redemption from Denver's corruption. One moment that got out of hand shouldn't define him, especially when the lines were blurred to begin with. Hopefully Ransom can show Denver what love is and that she is deserving. I also hope that Greer will heal from the damage that Denver caused which altered the course of their friendship. Hopefully they can find their way back to each other even if its only as friends.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Review - Perfectly Shattered by Emily Jane Trent

You know its love when you spill food over the guy your crushing over but then you find out that said guy is a hot but drunk womanizer it makes you think twice about things. Bradan Reid moved to Seattle to not only jump start his career but to run away from the woman that broke his heart and ever since then he went from woman to woman thinking that would protect his heart from getting heart again. Cami Joubert suffered to devastating loses and also moved to Seattle to jump start her career as chef. The seem to keep being at the same at the same time. They tentatively start a no strings attached casual relationship which it immediately turns into something more. How Cami thought she could resist Bradan made me want to shake her. I mean seriously you have everything you ever wanted in man standing in front of you, why would you run away from that. The chemistry was both beautiful and heart breaking. Together Cami was able to stop denying her fault in a terrible tragedy deny what she felt all along and Bradan was finally to let the hurt of his past heal and finally put away his womanizing ways for good. No longer running away but towards each other. No longer shattered but forever bonded.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Review - Weak Without Him (Weakness #2) by Lyra Parish

I must say this book didn't go the way I thought it would. Jennifer was fired by Finley but that didn't put a damper on their romance. Though somehow between the firing and getting kicked out of the mansion she moved in with him without any idea what that meant until she got there. After a day out with him she realizes that he isn't the man she thought he was and decides to find a place of her own. Things between her and Luke are still tense as feelings are still raw but she can't deny her feelings for the older brother. It seems that Finley and Jennifer was back were left them but one misunderstanding blew that up and next thing you know there is ocean between them. Through some scheming on Finley's part they are reunited and once torn apart through an evil plot. Nope I can't even give that away because I myself didn't see it coming. Finding out that Finley had secret life before he became CEO was surprising. I very much look forward to the next installment. As a hope their enemy is dealt with once and for all and finally Luke will find the love he truly deserves. Although I know that Jennifer didn't mean to hurt him the fact that it happened to such a loving guy as Luke broke my heart. If anyone is deserving of love its Luke.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Review - Knox: Volume 3 (Knox, #3)

As a fan of the mob genre this book was everything and more. From Knox's desperation to his ruthlessness in his vengeance in getting back the one he loves. His interrogation scenes were almost hard to read. So real and vivid I felt like a third character in the story. Though beyond the ruthlessness he is a caring man who just wants to give the girl he loves the world. We still have no idea if Rebecca is pregnant as her friend  Lita was kidnapped by the enemy. The cliffhanger was the "father" of all cliffhanger. So many questions answered and plenty more left unsaid. August must play a bigger role than we can see. What does he have to lose and what does he have to gain?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Review - Lover at Last (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #11) by J.R. Ward

It seems like it took me forever to read this book and it was so worth the wait. As always we had bombshells dropped and truths revealed. We may also have 3 potential couples on the horizon. One that seems aperfect match for each other, another with trouble written all over, and the last one that shouldn't couldn't even be. It'll be interesting to see how those relationships play out in the future. Blay and Qhuinn finally got to the truth behind their friendship and started a relationship. As always we had various miscommunications between the pair eventually we got to the heart of the matter. Qhuinn finally let go of the family baggage that told him that he was never good enough and indeed defective. After reading the story of these I was happy these two finally got there happy ending. More happy that Qhuinn will finally get the family thar he deserves. He no longer has to deny who he is nor his feelings he can just be. Now I'm curious as to where things lay with the mated couples and what the king and the brothers are going to do to keep the band of bastards from Wraths throne.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Review - Reasonable Doubt: Volume 1 (Reasonable Doubt, #1) by Whitney Gracia Williams

I'll be honest I didn't know what to expect when I read this novella. This is the first book I've read from this author. I was surprised I loved it as much as I did. Of course the story starts with our Alpha male in a heated moment. I must say its always refreshing when a man is blunt and to the point even though he's a little cruel in the way he goes about it. I can do nothing but admire that. I have no idea what happen to Andrew Hamilton to make him the way he is. He only does one night stands and never sleeps with anyone twice. Someone must have stomped all over his heart. He also has no female friends except Aubrey. They tell each other any and everything. Though she is keeping some huge secrets. Like where she works, her age and her name. The way he finds out the secret is nothing less than shocking. Of course he was cruel to her while still being attracted to her. He was genuinely hurt when he confronted her about it. So I'm guessing whatever happened 6 years gave him zero tolerance for lying. Though if that one heated moment in her apartment (which he showed up unannounced i might add)is how he handles lying then she should lie more often (kidding).  After another heated moment in his office the next day things seemed to have settled between the two that is until his wife (uh-oh)shows up at the office and messes everything up. I know there is more to the story as we still have no idea what happened 6 years ago to change him in a profound way. I'm looking forward to read where Aubrey and Andrew go from here and what exactly happened to him all those years ago.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Review - Lover Reborn by J.R. Ward

This is the first book in the series that made me cry and cry and cry. Tohrment finally moved on but not without a lot of denial, confusion, heartbreak, and anger. Autumn and Tohrs relationship was beautiful. Two broken souls coming together. One after centuries of being a servant still punishes herself for decisions of the past. I was happy that she and the child that she left behind was able to begin building a relationship. Without animosity, hate, or regret. Tohr manages to fill his days by fighting the enemy fails to reconcile with his love of the past. Seeing him slowly move on and fall in love just broke me as he didn't know how to keep the love he felt for Wellsie and the love Autumn separate as Wellsie was the only woman he's ever loved. When finally admitted what he felt to Autumn I was happy and heartbroken at the same time. The fade ceremony and the moments leading up to it had me a blubbering mess. It never surprises the strong connection the brothers have for one another. How they stand up for each other in their time of need. It wasn't easy letting one love go and welcoming a new one. It made me so happy that he was able to separate the two. Q surprise me with his self sacrifice on the battle field and the decision he and Layla made. I said it before but this series just keeps getting better and better. I keep falling in love with these groups of vampires. Though all the sarcastic comments and fighting when it comes down to it they are a family that will do and give anything for each other.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Review - Lover Unleashed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #9) by J.R. Ward

The series keeps getting better and better. Payne twin sister of Vishous comes from the other side after she injured. Jane realizes there is only so much that she can do and calls upon her old boss Manny who is more talented with a scalpel then she ever could be. Payne thought by killing their father it would have freed him from the pain that he put him through but we see that even though he's been dead for years his father has very deep hooks in him. Its time for V to chase away the demons of his past as it becoming a big problem in his relationship with Jane. In order to do that he calls his best friend his brother Butch to do the unthinkable. (That part of the story just ripped up my heart) Once Manny gets over the initial shock that Jane is 'alive' he agrees to help her. There is an instant attraction once he meets Payne even after he learns that she is not all together human. They both try to let each other go. She wipes Manny's brain but still he is haunted with memories of her. When V sees that Payne is about to make him keep a promise that never should have been made he brings her the one thing that will give her hope and make her rethink every thing. This installment once again was filled bombshells that I never saw coming. As this is the 9th book in the series it continues to keep me guessing. You think you have an idea whats going to happen and then that changes. I can't wait to see what the rest of the series has in store. The Black Dagger family is continually getting bigger and stronger which is just in time as a new threat comes to try and take it all away. Then there's that old threat that is getting stronger than ever.

Review - Knox: Volume 2 (Knox, #2) by Cassia Leo

The more we get into the story of Rebecca and Knox's mobster past the more intriguing the story becomes. We learned just how far Knox will go to get justice for his dead mother. We learned that August was blackmailed for months by Knox to help him with his revenge plot. Poor Charlie should have minded his business and not followed Rebecca. I don't think he deserved such a fate as the one he got. A different person wouldn't have fell head first with this guy who is willing to kill just keep someone quiet but here Rebecca is falling in love with the boy she craved when she younger but good never have because the timing and age was never right. Through bits of the story you get a glimpse of the boy she loved before he turned into this hardened man who seeks revenge that we see now. Now she must come to terms that she may be caring his baby and what happened to her friend Lita? Does she have anything to do with this revenge plot, is working for the enemy, or is she an innocent bystander who will as a tool make Rebecca do what they want? If the 3 Volume is anything like the first installment I can hardly wait.