Monday, April 7, 2014

Review - Knox: Volume 2 (Knox, #2) by Cassia Leo

The more we get into the story of Rebecca and Knox's mobster past the more intriguing the story becomes. We learned just how far Knox will go to get justice for his dead mother. We learned that August was blackmailed for months by Knox to help him with his revenge plot. Poor Charlie should have minded his business and not followed Rebecca. I don't think he deserved such a fate as the one he got. A different person wouldn't have fell head first with this guy who is willing to kill just keep someone quiet but here Rebecca is falling in love with the boy she craved when she younger but good never have because the timing and age was never right. Through bits of the story you get a glimpse of the boy she loved before he turned into this hardened man who seeks revenge that we see now. Now she must come to terms that she may be caring his baby and what happened to her friend Lita? Does she have anything to do with this revenge plot, is working for the enemy, or is she an innocent bystander who will as a tool make Rebecca do what they want? If the 3 Volume is anything like the first installment I can hardly wait.

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