Friday, March 28, 2014

Review - Knox (Knox, #1) by Cassia Leo

This is story is way too good to just be a novella, its gonna be tortue waiting for the next installment. Rebecca is a cop and the daughter of a mobster and is contacted by Knox to do a favor for her father who was arrested for a murder she saw him commit. That murder change her forever and was huge part as to why she made the choice to become a cop. Knox seems to have his own agenda what that is exactly I don't know. Though now that we know the man that he use to be and what he went through I have an inkling of an idea. Becky is feisty, tough, sensitive yet she doesn't take crap from anyone which may be her downfall. How bad did she screw up the job we dont know. We find out that Knox is an old friend she knew from Bensonhurst. Which leaves me with multiple questions that need to be answered. Like what does he have planned for her and her father? What has he been up to in all these years? I think my two main questions is who August and how does he fit into this?

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