Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Review - Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

OH MY GOD!!!! I have a new favorite book boyfriend. Ridge wasn't just another hot guy playing guitar he was something more, something special. As soon as Sydney and Ridge started communicating there was an instant attraction. I had no doubt that Ridge loved Maggie but then you couldn't deny the undeniable attraction and connection that Ridge had to Sydney. It was in Ridge's character to love and protect which was made clear the first night that Sydney moved in and the history of his and Maggie's relationship. Sydney and Ridge shared a bond with music but it turned into a way that they were able to convey the underlying feelings that they had for each other. The beautifully, haunting, and heartbreaking songs they created just stole my heart. I can't forget to mention Bridgette and Warren and their relationship it was unconventional to say the least but when its love, its love. Bridgette is the kind of girl you love to hate but I'd like to think that she has that up as defense mechanism, there is so much more to the story. Warren how could you not love him? Rude, inappropriate, and hysterically funny. I love that once Sydney moved in she became instant family and part of the inside jokes the had going i.e. toothpaste Oreo. Learning along with Sydney that Ridge was deaf was an interesting twist to the story. It was interesting how they were able to communicate with each other. When he did speak to Sydney for the first time tears, tears, and tears. Essentially every word he spoke thereafter. There were no excuses between him and Sydney just raw truth. Just like he does to Sydney every word seems to pierce my heart. Ridge was selfless still willing to sacrifice his happiness to be with Maggie. It was a terrible breakup but you see that they were better off as friends. You can't share someones life like that and not hold apiece of their heart. Sydney was his heart and his destiny. When Sydney finally communicated in ASL 'when' and when they finally made love *sigh* I was surprised I could read through the tears. Do men like Ridge exist and if so where can I find one?

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