Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Review - Redemption by Julie Morgan

I've been waiting for this installment it seems like forever and it did not disappoint. We find that Lisa's pregnancy is progressing rather fast though seeing as she was impregnated by a demon/angel hybrid its not much of an surprise. Though what was a surprise was the changes that occurred as a result. Through the story until the end I was on pins and needles wondering just what would happen to Lisa when she gave birth and when it did would she be able to survive. I think I was slightly as nervous as Alex. Samuel was back in the picture plotting not only to take get rid of Alex and take Lisa as his own but to harness the power of their child. It seems that Lisa was tortured with haunting and confusing dreams which may have been dreams her  unborn child was having who in the child's  way was trying to convey what was happening. The birthing scenes and what came after that was so hard to read. I was so upset thinking that Alex and Lisa had been through so much to have things happen this way.  Then I realize something important which I don't want to give away. I'll just say things happened as they were meant to happen. As soon as she made her choice to be with Alex I knew that this was the only possible outcome. Though now what does the future hold for their family? What is the true nature of their child's power? How will she deal with the life changes after giving birth to a hybrid baby and marrying a hybrid and the changes her body went through after and during birth? I'm hoping to learn more about the origin of Samuel and just when or if he will ever stop trying to harness the power of Lisa and Alex's child.

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