Sunday, March 9, 2014

Review - Crashed (The Driven Trilogy #3) by K. Bromberg

I thought I would try and savor this book but tried as I did I was rarely able to put it down. I held my breath as the story continued where 'Fueled' left off. I wanted with baited breath to see if Colton survived. I felt the fear, the hurt, the anticipation right along with Rylee but Colton's pov just punched me in the gut and wrenched at my heart. Thankfully he survived the accident but then he was really saved. Forced to into a fight or flight mode where thankfully he had chosen to fight. To fight for the future he deserved. Fight to realize that love doesn't have to hurt. Fight to let go of the pain of first 8 years of his life that dictated the 20+ years of his life. Finally acceptance and appreciation for what was given to him although his actions always said more than words ever could say. I felt every possible conceivable human emotion for Colton when he was holding Rylee at the track. When he had no words all he finally confessed the truth to Rylee and when all he could do was cry and hold her like she would just disappear. I think I fell more in love with him right along with Rylee right then. When he FINALLY knocked down the final wall that stood between and said those 3 words I've hoped he'd say all I could do was cry silent emotional tears. (This is just a story right?) Did I ever fall more in love with Becks, Colton's non-blood brother. He always knew just what to say to make Colton think, bring levity, or just make him realize that Rylee was the whole alphabet. I'm so curious if Haddie and Becks will ever get together both with the same personality and sense of humor. Not only did we get an Epilogue but we got 2 and *sigh* one just happened to be from Colton's point of view which i just love. Not the kind of life I saw Colton having when I was introduced to him in Driven but it was one I prayed he would have after he let the baggage of his go fully. The end of the trilogy I'm a little sad but appreciate and adore the ending. Colton was still Colton. Sexy and arrogant as ever a little older but all around much more wiser. Colton will always be my 'ace' (a chance encounter) and my 'checkered flag.

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