Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Review - Arielle: Immortal Awakening (Immortal Rapture #1) by Lilian Roberts

Didn't know what to make of this book but right away I found myself intrigued in this unique story. Arielle grew up being just a little bit different than everyone else but outside of having that ability to hear what goes on inside the of others heads she had no idea what(who) else existed in the world. As in finding out the love of your life is centuries old, immortal, and has an ex who wants nothing more than to see him miserable for the rest of his existence. There wasn't a dull part in the story and I found myself anxiously anticipating what happens as I turned the page. Before I knew it the book was over. Definitely an interesting read. So many questions I would love to have answered. Like what is salve and how does one become one of the immortal? I look forward to continuing Arielle and Sebastion's story. There has to be more to the would be sabotage of his company and I know we haven't seen or heard the last of Annabel.

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