Friday, March 28, 2014

Review - Affirmation (Legal Affairs #6) by Sawyer Bennett

I had a little hope that Mac and Matt's relationship would survive. Matt began to slowly and not so subtlety push her away. After Matt's final move she is left with no choice. Rather than see him everyday and relive the heartbreak she decides to start her own firm with his former best friend. When faced with the choice to wallow in his pain and walk away from the woman who transformed his life. I began to think that Matt was going to let Mac walkaway when his ex best friend calls Mac and tells her that Matt has forgiven him. Which due to the level of pain he caused was a big step towards Matt's healing. So Mac decided leaving his firm to start her own was best. She moved her firm into the same building as Matt's. So that pesky office dating co-workers rule is null and void. Just to prove that he has indeed healed from his past he opened his heart fully to Mac by proposing. Completely willing to share his life with her. His ex-wife is still a pain but I'm grateful and happy that he is no longer letting her get in the way of their happiness. I can't wait to read Matt's POV.

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