Monday, March 3, 2014

Review - Craved (Adam & Ella #4) by Emily Jane Trent

Sometimes you just fall so in love with characters that you don't want to see them go. Adam and Ella are just as in love as when we left them after Ella received that beautiful proposal. The wedding ceremony was beautiful and had me in tears. It still surprises me the amount of love Adam pours over Ella. The way he looks at her, touches her, and speaks to her. (Where's my Adam? *sigh*) She became this beautiful, strong, and confident woman I always knew she could be. She was even able to mend the relationships with her mother and sister with seeing how close Adam is to his own family this news made me really happy. With love in his life Adam became an even better man and not even his father good kill the goodness that was lives in his heart. After a blissful honeymoon tragedy strikes but with Adam his resources and brilliance I knew things would be as it should. Though there were moments I had to hold my breath. Finally without enemies they are free to love and live as two people in love should be. After everything they've been through at the beginning of their relationship I think it’s well deserved. 

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