Thursday, April 24, 2014

Review - Perfectly Shattered by Emily Jane Trent

You know its love when you spill food over the guy your crushing over but then you find out that said guy is a hot but drunk womanizer it makes you think twice about things. Bradan Reid moved to Seattle to not only jump start his career but to run away from the woman that broke his heart and ever since then he went from woman to woman thinking that would protect his heart from getting heart again. Cami Joubert suffered to devastating loses and also moved to Seattle to jump start her career as chef. The seem to keep being at the same at the same time. They tentatively start a no strings attached casual relationship which it immediately turns into something more. How Cami thought she could resist Bradan made me want to shake her. I mean seriously you have everything you ever wanted in man standing in front of you, why would you run away from that. The chemistry was both beautiful and heart breaking. Together Cami was able to stop denying her fault in a terrible tragedy deny what she felt all along and Bradan was finally to let the hurt of his past heal and finally put away his womanizing ways for good. No longer running away but towards each other. No longer shattered but forever bonded.

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