Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Quintessentially Q (Monsters in the Dark #2) by Pepper Winters

This installment of Q and Tess' love story just broke my heart. It seems that just when they find some resemblance of normal the past comes to haunt them and take over. Once again Tess is kidnapped and forced to do the worse things imaginable which leaves her completely destroyed. Q himself kills people in ways I don't even want to describe to get her back. Though once he physically gets her back his fight for her mind has only just begun. In order to get her back he decides to give away one thing he never has before... control. Though it almost killed him it was exactly the thing needed to bring them closer together for Tess to resembled the woman he once loved. Hopefully Q's love is enough to heal Tess from her nightmares, and as the story goes on I hope that Q will fully except that he is deserving of love.

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