Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Follow (Social Media #1) by J.A. Huss

I absolutely love the premise of this book. A normal girl finally meeting the famous guy she has been fantasizing about. She tweets without a filter and say everything she would to do to him and have him do to her. I mean how often does a celeb see the naughty things we tweet them? I'm finding out it its more often than we thought they do. Seriously we they favorite said tweet(s) its enough to make you hyperventilate. Vaughn is as hot as he is in his movies and magazine covers and says what he wants I can't blame the girl for crushing on him for years. I often wonder how I would handle myself in the same situation. I loved Grace's character until she finally had he chance to do all those things she said she would do but she just fights him on every turn. I wanted to slap her so many times the continue back and forth of wanting to be with him and then letting the fear take over and second guessing herself but apparently it turned on Vaughn. The moments when they allowed themselves to be vulnerable I really enjoyed but then Grace's walls comes back up and then Vaughn hides behind his sexual control. I believe the truth behind Grace's holds the reason for unwilling to be control as for Vaughn growing up in the spotlight and his lack of control may be the reason he craves it so much. I absolutely loved he cliffhanger t reminds of a moment I had with my own celeb crush. Needless to say I still talk or tweet without a filter. So will Grace finally be able to let go and trust Vaughn and will Vaughn learn to let up on some of his control? I have no idea but its going to be torture waiting every two weeks to find out and I can't wait.

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