Saturday, October 11, 2014

Status (Social Media, # 4) by J.A. Huss

Just trying wrap my head around a few things. Finding out about Grace/Daisy's past. Which was absolutely and totally messed up. The man who took her a sick and twisted man. The secret that Sam was hiding which compared to Grace is so insignificant. I wonder if her and Tray will work things out since something's were out of his control. Is something going on with Felicity and Conner am I imagining things? Through everything Vaughn has turned into the man of her dreams. He's loving attentive and supportive. Of course the love scenes have only gotten hotter. (Anyone else wanna float in Vaughn Asher river?) When she finally returns to her apartment nothing is like it was as Vaughn took charge as only he can. Which Grace finally accepts. Then the secret that she forgot, the thing that Vaughn hopes he's forgiven for is no longer a secret. Which causes her to spiral out of control and once again push Asher away. Nothing surprises her or me more than what was waiting for her on that roof. Book four was pivotal book in the series and things can only get better or worse from here.

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