Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Filthy (Fierce #3) by Clarissa Wild

I loved being inside Jaret's head. Learning what turned him into the filthy and prideful man we see in the beginning. In his younger years he lost his best friend the only person he's ever cared about and wanted to make proud. Without her he turned into the man that we see today. Essentially lost without the one person he loved. A chance meeting brings Lin back into his life along with one big complication. Just being around her gives him all the hope he once had and the love he never got from his own parents. It seems like the love they had as kids didn't get stopped it was only put on pause. There aren't many times in life you'll get a second chance with your first love. Forget entitled and strong minded parents and boarding school. Forget that you were a screw up and in your parents eyes ruined your life. All that matters when a second chance presents itself is that you take it. Fierce, protective, and loyal a girl would be so blessed to have a guy like Jaret to love and fight for her.

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