Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Review - Perfectly Flawed by Emily Jane Trent

I'm so in love and inspired by this story. In Adrianna's short life she lived through a tragedy no one she have to go through. Life gives us chances and its up to us to take them. Sean was one of those chances for Adrianna. Sometimes you meet someone and you know that that person is meant to be in your life forever, though the reality of it is that much more scarier and stronger. Good thing Sean is stubborn because he had plenty of chances to walk away completely, blame it on his Irish heritage. Sean gave her his strength when she lacked her own. Through Sean's love she was able to break down the barriers and secrets that kept her from letting anyone get too close. Adrianna never knew love could be this way: nurturing, comforting, and safe as opposed to her overbearing upbringing. Her parents were more concerned with appearances than actually loving their daughter who was forced to be even more self destructive after a traumatic event. I relate to Adrianna and I admire her as well. We both went down a destructive path to cover up an emotional pain with a physical. I have no doubt that without Sean, Adrianna would've become a shell of herself. All it took was the kindness, love, and protection of a good man to let Adrianna know flaws in all she is worth loving (herself) and being loved.

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