Friday, February 21, 2014

Review - Betrayal (Passion, #1) by P.A. Jones

A chance meeting between Emma and Gavin and one hot moment afterward seemed to make quite the impression because a year later there's another chance meeting it seems only their feeling for each other has grown. Emma has a dark secret that prevents her from giving herself fully to Gavin but a talk from her family gives her just the encouragement she needs to move forward. She tells Gavin her secret nothing if not understanding. Though it seems that Gavin may be hiding a very important secret(s) of his own. After a blissful night together and with a knock on the door we find exactly what those secrets are. It seems to me that Emma may have been innocent but she was a little naive as well. In this day and age who doesn't at least Google their potential date? I feel like she would have learn his secrets with a few mouse clicks anyway I'm interested in seeing if Gavin can get Emma to forgive him and if we'll ever find out why Adam left Emmma's sister at the altar a moment her sister still hasn't been able to shake.

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