Saturday, August 2, 2014

Rogue (Real #4) by Katy Evans

Rogue was of those books I was counting down the release date and was ever so worth the wait. We continue the series with Melanie (brooke's bff) and Greyson King (heir to the underground fortune) and they couldn't be more opposite or made for each other. Its amazing after one night with this person you just know that they are the one. The moments they're together are hot and sometimes tender but when they are apart secrets and doubts and creep in to ruin the love the resides there unbeknownst to them. Greyson who had loved but swore to never love anyone else and Melanie who at the lost of her twin gre up feeling she doesn't deserve it. Somehow these two are able to complete each other. So many moments made hold my breathe and others made want wonder what is he/she is thinking. A story full of action, love, and drama. A little darker than the previous books in the series but I absolutely loved it.

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