Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sing (Songs of Submission, #7) by C.D. Reiss

What a wild ride this has been. We've been thorough ups and down with the couple but nothing could have prepared them for what they would have to face. While Jon faces a dire health crises Monica's live is following apart. She somehow manages to keep sane by writing lyrics for her EP which she keeps pushing back due to Jon's medical situation. I was apprehensive about reading the story based on the ending of the last book but thankful it was a happy ending. Not to say that my heart was in my throat until the very end. We saw just how family rallies around their brother/son/lover/husband in a time of crises. I almost didn't want to keep reading. The whole I was reading I was thinking please don't let Jon die but then I saw some chemistry between her and Brad the cardiologist. I can't believe I had a moment I actually felt sorry for Jessica. We learn just ho far she would go to win back Jon and that trust fund. Jessica divorcing Jon may be the best thing she ever did. So thanks for torturing me until the very end I loved every minute of it.

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