Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

I knew since it was a Colleen Hoover novel I knew that I had to prepared, if this book was anything like her previous works. So I cried than I cried some more, more so than any book I've ever read of hers. Miles had lived through a parents best dream and then their worst nightmare. He fell in love instantly with his High School girlfriend. We experience his first love through his eyes. The highs, the lows and the disappointment. Then through terrible circumstances they are torn apart and forced to live with a pain no amount of time can ever fill or heal. I loved the back and forth between when he first started to have feeling for Tate and the first time he fell in love. While she is wondering what turned him into this hardened man we learn what devastated him so much that he was willing to run from what he was starting to feel. I also enjoyed the way some words were written on the page. Sometimes it looked like tiny drips and sometimes huge puddles which just fascinated and made me fall more in love with the characters. I'm so thankful that he had a friend like Ian who witness both versions of Miles' so when he told him off I actually smiled. Though it wasn't until he visited Rachel (his ex girlfriend) that I couldn't stop crying for so many reasons. Each book by Colleen Hoover gives me a reason to ugly cry but it also gives me reason to hope. No one is ever that broken, everyone needs time heal, and everyone deserves a little happiness after going through hell. After reading this book I emotionally feel like I just ran a marathon but its definitely a marathon over and over again.

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