Saturday, May 31, 2014

Alpha by Jasinda Wilder

I read this book based on the blurb that immediately commanded my attention. Why would anyone think that cashing in 12 $10,000 checks was such a great idea especially when you don't even know who sent them? When it was time collect Kyrie had no choice but to leave. In the beginning it just seemed like another rich guy displaying ownership. As time went on you knew there was something to Roth. Yes he was filthy rich and could get any woman he wanted but you just knew there was a reason why he took a special interest in Kyrie. From the first night (although she was blindfolded) you could see the chemistry between them. Once they got together it was explosive. They both found that they were falling for each other but a secret hung between the two of them. Once the secret was revealed it left Kryrie thrown for a loop and left Roth wondering if he lost the only woman he ever loved and trusted. He knew Kyrie needed time to process what he told her but he made it perfectly clear she was his and always would be. I love when I can read a book and can't quite guess the outcome. Who wants to read a predictable book? I was pretty satisfied with the outcome especially since it was in Roth's POV. It was a standalone but I think I could take another book or two containing the gorgeous Valentine Roth.

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