Saturday, May 31, 2014

Fighting for Flight (Fighting #1) by J.B. Salsbury

I thought that this was the typical sabe the bad boy from himself while redeem himself and falls in love type of story. This couldn't have been further from the truth. Slade was a force to be reckoned with in and out the octagon. Typical ladies man never with the same woman twice until he meets the woman that changed his world around. Raven Moretti daughter of a notorious pimp and call girl and a mechanic. Somehow things between them click even after he learns who her family is. Raven longed for human interaction something she never got as a child which lead her to start a life of her own. With less than a handful of friends something in her life was missing until Jonah came along. He's more than willing to give her everything she's missing and more.Both of them found love for the first time but all of that could be but a memory if Rave's pimp father has anything to say about. Dominick set to get what's his but will do anything and sacrifice anything to keep her safe.Well developed love story, the fight scenes were amazing which is essential in a book about an MMA fighter. Loved Owen and I absolutely adore Blake. He almost stole the show for me. Sorry Jonah but he is funny don't be jealous I have room to love you both.

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