Saturday, May 31, 2014

Perfectly Ruined by Emily Jane Trent

Set in Italy I knew right away I would love this book. From the culture to the food and of course the gorgeous sophistication of the Italian male. Niccolo returns to Italy after a 4 year absence. His father figured moving him back to Italy would set him on the right path but it wasn't the place as much as it was a person. Karina and Niccolo were childhood friends and he returns to find that she has grown into a beautiful woman with many responsibilities. A business she must keep afloat and a mother who lives with a temperamental disease. It seems it was perfect timing on Nic's part and thanks to his stubbornness or his love for the girl it changed not just his life but hers as well. Nic no longer wondering aimlessly through life has found happiness with the girl he loves and in a profession he is now making a very good living at. Which I think is all his father ever wanted for him to just have some direction and to learn to grow up. I wish I had a man who would fight to not just keep me in his life but protect my family at the same time. I love how all the childhood moments the will he or won't he came full circle. The moments on the bridge touch my heart (especially the ending). After all the betrayal and thoughts of not being good enough they finally found a home and a love in each other. What touched me most is the fact the her mother seems to be doing much better. I know how fickle a disease like that can be and the fact that Karina would have given up happiness to make sure her mother got the help she deserved...well I can see why Nic fell in love with her.

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