Saturday, May 31, 2014

Reaper's Legacy (Reapers MC #2) by Joanna Wylde

Even better than the first installment. In this story we follow the love story of Ruger and Sophia. Sophia and Ruger on less than ideal circumstances. Sophia and her BF Zack (Ruger's step brother) just finished making love in his apartment UN-invited. This will be the first of awkward moments the pair would have. Years later they are still brimming with sexual tension but are working together due to an absentee father. The more time they spend together they realize they have more in common than just Noah. While their love story grows the on going battle between their enemies the Devil's Jacks heats up and shows no signs of cooling off. What happened between Em and Liam while she was captured? I hope to figure this out in the next installment.

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