Saturday, May 31, 2014

Freed (Unlovable #2) by Lynetta Halat

Finally an conclusion of sorts. Denver and Ransom were able to define and build their relationship. First things first Denver had to fully repair her broken relationship with Greer and her parents. After seeing what a parent and relationship was like when she visited Ransom and his mom over the holiday. After many years past to not have a hug or a parent tell you they love you... no wonder she was so broken. I'm finally happy to see that Denver had made inroads to being friends though not as close as they once were but its no longer awkward between them. I'm mostly happy that Greer is finally getting the help he needs and learns that all they will ever be is just friends. Which is fine with me because Denver and Ransom were made for each other. We had to wait until the very end but their 'first time' was worth the wait and a little of a shock but beautiful nonetheless. I'd love to read what becomes of Greer. Denver found her meant to be I think its only fair that he finds his.

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