Saturday, May 31, 2014

Knox: Volume 4 (Knox, #4) by Cassia Leo

We join Knox as he tirelessly searches for the love of his life Rebecca. Even after Tony reveals who he is to Knox nothing will detour him from finding out where Rebecca is. Before he can either beat or likely kill the information out of him and agent he agreed to work with shoots him out of his haze. After Tony is brought down all he has to do know is find 'her'. Once he finds her he keeps a dying father's wish that he marries her after his kept her safe 2 or 3 years. We see what they are like together now they are a ever expanding family. How everyone has found their own version of happiness. Its nice to see that the years has only heighten their love and desire for each other. This series had the perfect blend of action and romance. Nothing over the top yet the story just pulls you in and before you know it its over. As a fan of the mob genre this was a series I will definitely read more than once.

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